Shaping the Future

We never stop imagining, designing, experimenting and innovating. We are a team of forward thinkers who are constantly looking for ways to build better coaches and buses. We promote unconventional thinking and embrace a can-do attitude in everything we do.

Design Engineer producing 3D models from a GA drawing.
2. A Better Tomorrow Starts Today

A Better Tomorrow Starts Today

Our design and innovation is driven by the desire to eliminate carbon emissions and the detrimental effect on natural resources, and improve our quality of life. We aim to create energy-efficient solutions by incorporating the latest green technology into our designs and engineering.

Sharing Knowledge is Power

We have a strong sense of commitment to our community and industry. We strive to introduce solutions to the coach and bus industry that open doors to greater designs and innovations. We believe that sharing our expertise and empowering employees to share their innovative ideas will result in significant findings that would largely benefit the society and environment.

4. Going the Extra Mile - IMG_ 2446

Going the Extra Mile

We will go the extra mile to ensure our customers have an effortless experience working with us and using our high quality products. It is our goal to manufacture the best possible coaches and buses that exceed customer expectations and require the lowest level of maintenance.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We believe that diversity and inclusion is essential in making GBV the best place our people have ever worked at. We ensure that our employees and customers feel valued, supported and respected. It is our belief that diverse experiences, working and leadership styles, interests, beliefs and perspectives are indispensable to organizational and individual success.

5. Diversity and Inclusiveness - IMG_2910

Join the Team!

We are a dynamic organization, constantly evolving and adopting cutting edge technology in our design and manufacturing processes. We are always open to having fresh talent and forward thinkers on our team.